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Coloma Community School District

Inspire to Achieve. Empower for Success. 

Vote May 7, 2024!

Proposed Projects

Proposal #1

$12.48 Million // 0.9 Mill Tax Increase
  • Update Student Learning Spaces at the Elementary and High School

    • Remodel 1960s-era classrooms

    • Technology and furnishings  

  • Update Infrastructure in All Buildings

    • Replace boiler at Elementary School

    • Install mechanical controls systems at Elementary and High Schools

    • Partial LED lighting upgrade in common areas

    • Partial replacement of windows and exterior doors

    • Building envelope improvements

  • Demolish North Building (Old High School)

    • Install mechanical equipment for Alwood Gym
      (If Proposal 2 passes, this funding would be reallocated for mechanical equipment in the new gym.)

Proposal #2

$11.9 Million // 0.85 Mill Tax Increase
  • HVAC Throughout Elementary and High School

  • Gym Replacement at Intermediate School

    • Demolish Alwood Gym

  • Move Playground at Intermediate School

Questions about the bond? Ask!

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